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ongoing project

In my photography journey to more personal openness and self understanding, I started to get fascinated how society is becoming more isolated, especially in cities. Individuals are more isolated, shut in, constantly on their phones. It bothers me that we choose to willingly disconnect ourselves from others whereas my biggest challenge in life was to overcome being an introvert.

I observed a change in peoples’ posture from open and upright to a more bent and closed position while looking down at the phone. Myself struggling with back problems and a forward bending neck, I am amazed why one would assume this position deliberately. It has the potential of becoming a pandemic, a modern medical issue especially within the younger generation. We are so absorbed in the smartphone that we become oblivious of what is happening around us. Even worse when walking while staring down at the smartphone, we are turning into a kind of zombie, present with our bodies, absent in our minds. I am documenting this phenomenon as well as researching various medical materials of the issues that can arise as a result from this. I am capturing moving patterns that have changed due to smartphone use. The usual walking rhythm got disturbed and turned into an erratic and aimless one. We can observe the physical world transforming into a virtual world. We can witness a deformation of our perception, masses turning blind, reversing their vision from the outside to the virtual world.

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